Soft Mud Press Type DB-18

The Petersen core products are soft mud presses, which produce high quality bricks with beautifully structured surfaces and individual appearance. The unique production process, employing water as the only release agent, make the bricks comparable to the hand-moulded bricks of the past.
Furthermore the soft mud brick is an attractive building material owing to the good sound and heat insulating properties. Many years of experience and ongoing development has resulted in the successful soft mud press type DB-18 that does 7000 bricks per hour.

Often a plant consisting of two DB-18 presses in parallel is put together, thereby increasing the capacity to 14000 bricks per hour. Petersen supply all machines and equipment that belong to a soft mud plant i.e. belt conveyors, mixers, brick grouping units, stick palletisers, roller conveyors, cross conveyors, elevators and gathering frames etc. Petersen can in addition supply equipment for handling of slurry as well as treatment and re-circulation of waste water. For each plant Petersen supply the appropriate electrical control. These range from simple controls for single machines to sophisticated electronic controls for monitoring complete soft mud plants.