Box Feeders with Slat Belts type KBN

A box feeder is the optimum dosing machine for even feeding.
They are supplied in three basic versions and in different sizes up to 2000 mm wide and 12000 mm long. The conveying slat belt, composed of slats, bent in 8 mm  steel plates with high angular rims, is a special Petersen design. The shaping contributes to a high efficiency and ensures a good weight distribution to the underlying construction. The box feeders may be equipped with hoppers, thereby increasing the cubic content up to 150 m3.

Box Feeders with Rubber Belt
Belt feeders are normally used for sand, sawdust, broken coke, wood chips, crushed bricks etc. Close-pitched rollers are used to both support the heavy-duty rubber belt and to ensure tight sealing against the box edge.
Various capacities up to 20 m3.