Fr. Petersen Maskinfabrik A/S Fr. Petersen Maskinfabrik A/S
Fr. Petersen Maskinfabrik A/S
De Boer Machines Nederland B.V.
Bijsterhuizen 2402,
6604 LL Wijchen
The Netherlands
Our main shareholder De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. is a worldwide known specialist for soft mud presses.

They produce also other machines:

- Palette handling machines
- Mixer presses
- Sand dryers
- Sand handling equipment
- Colourant dosing systems
- Dust extraction systems
- Process-water purification systems
- and a well-known line of mould chain systems
Maschinen und Anlagebau
Industriestraße 47
75417 Mühlacker
Händle is an internationally known and recognized specialist in the field of heavy-clay product manufacture. We incorporate decades of experience into our machines.
Through our persistent research & development activities and via our continuous cooporation with the international ceramic industry, we pioneer a constant stream of new concepts, machines and technologies:
  • Tough, durable products arising from many years of experience in the brick & tile industry
  • Trendsetting products and technologies resulting from continuous research & development
  • Individual solutions
  • Upgradeable products ensuing from constant innovation - even in the spare-parts range
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